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Course Details

Venue Information

BIF Course
Engineers' House, Bristol

Minimum requirements

You must have booked Study Leave for this exam.
You must have passed the written exam prior to registering to this course.

Course fees

Fees for the course of £395 must be made upon successful placement on the course.

Course overview

The first day is dedicated to small group viva practice sessions in physiology, pharmacology, anatomy, and physics/equipment. We also aim to target your presentation of clinical information for the exam.

The second day is a formal day in which we recreate the college exam conditions. Each candidate will do 6 clinical long cases, 12 clinical short cases and 6 full basic science vivas.

Detailed Results and Feedback

Throughout the two days you will be given feedback.  Detailed results and notes taken on each individual question from the faculty are provided online at the end of the course.

course details results

Click on the image above to see an example of the results and feedback you would receive.

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  •  It was a brilliantly useful, although tiring course! Thanks to all the organisers and examiners for their advise and tips! 

      It was pretty hard work but the exam will only be a sixth of that last day and the feedback I've just received is really helpful. 

     Thank you - it was a very helpful course to help focus the revision and get some proper practice at vivas.